Moving to Colorado

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Hi Herbies, It's me Courtney again. As some of you know, I am a Florida girl, born and raised. I've moved around and lived in a few different places, but always somewhere in Florida.

Now I'm in Colorado. It has been over a month and I am surviving.

Growing up, we went on a few winter vacations and I had been skiing several times, but never stayed in the snow more than a week.

It has been quite an experience moving out here. It will snow one day and not again for another week, the snow is  still covering the ground. Even when we had a week with temperatures in the 40's, there is still snow!

I feel that I am adjusting well, although everyone else says it is a very mild, warm winter. I am not complaining, I wear at least 2 layers of clothes, not counting my jacket.

I also realized when packing up my clothes how few real sweaters I have. Most of them are what Lindsay calls "Florida Sweaters", they look nice but don't have any real warmth. And they don't work well here.

Other than clothes, my biggest concern was missing my family. I was really nervous. There are alot of us and we are very close. We would see each other weekly. It has been hard, but we stay in touch.

They threw me a wonderful going away party and gave me lots of scarves, hats, & gloves, which are all very useful here.

Moving here has also brought me & Lindsay even closer (if that was possible), and allowed me to better know Scott. Even though they've been married almost 6 years, he would often be out of town on business whenever I would visit. He can't avoid me now.    :)

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