New Cookbook Pictures!!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: News

It's hard to believe I'm already writing another cookbook -- well, I can believe it, I'm doing it... but sometimes you'll catch me saying "EHH just arrived, I want to enjoy her... can't this wait?!"

But the reality is, it can't wait. It takes books a full year to come out so if I want to have another cookbook come out this time NEXT year (December 2012), I have to be writing now... 

Anyway, I've been writing recipes -- those inspired by my travels abroad, and this weekend, I finally got around to taking some pictures! I forgot that the sun sets rather early in Colorado, so I didn't get as many as I wanted done on Saturday...but that just means I was up early and on the ball yesterday! 

Note: These pictures were taken on my iphone -- they aren't the pictures you'll see in the book.

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