Happy Herbivore in Paris

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

Scott & I met up in Paris before heading to Munich to meet our friends at Oktoberfest!

Scott arrived early in the morning (7am!) and we ran out to see the sites once we'd connected at our rendezvous point.

The Louve is damn impressive, I must say. After walking around looking at paintings (though, for me, I got most excited about some of the ceilings!) we were starved and dipped into a cute Italian bistro and ordered our eat-out standby...cheeseless pizza!

Afterwards we took a rest --- looking at the Eiffel Tower :)

We then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring and seeing the sights.

We met up with a few friends who are local--they took us to a cool bar in a park (a local hangout) which was neat.... it gave me a chance to speak in French (that I've worked so hard at learning) so that was cool! Afterwards we went for a bit of Indian food by our hostel.

The yellow lentils were superb. I totally loved it.

Now I'm going to be controversial here, but, I didn't love Paris. I'm glad that I can check it off my bucket list -- but after 3 days of really trying to love the city... I couldn't. It was pretty, sure, but I've been to a dozen or so other cities in Europe that are far more beautiful and impressive. It was also really expensive but "worth it." What I couldn't get over was all the scammers and panhandlers (people trying to sell you junk). It was atrocious! Paris reminded me a lot of Rome (which I also didn't care much for). We had a nice time, and were glad we went....but it didn't live up to the hype for us...

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