2 Vegans in St. Barths

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One of the nice things about the Caribbean is that many of the islands are relatively close together (in fact, I can see three other islands from my island) and you can travel between them by boat. 

St. Barths is about two hours away by ferry and since I've always heard about this place and all the stars seem to go there, I thought I'd check it out. 

All aboard!The ferry service offered endless complementary rum punch. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I love rum punch. It was a good start to the day.

I do, however, get sea sick (and motion sick, and train sick, and car sick, and plane sick) very easily, so I was sure to drink a Ginger Beer in addition to the rum punch. I'd heard ginger helps with sea sickness... plus I wanted an excuse to drink my favorite non-alcoholic Caribbean beverage.

Lovely deep blue ocean along the way...

St. Barths Marina

After we arrived... I was ready to eat!

Je voudrais une pizza sans fromage ou de viande. (FYI there is almost no English in St. Barths! It really does feel like "France")

After lunch, we hiked around in the mountains. It was boiling hot. It was well worth it, though--just look at this view:

These pictures (taken using a phone) do not do the ocean here justice!

What a cool ride! 

Sunset on the way home.

Sunset back at home in Marigot (St. Maarten).

We enjoyed St. Barths. Although it's relatively close to St. Maarten it felt totally different -- much more French. It's also very, VERY expensive. I'm from New York City and I've lived in Los Angeles; and still I thought it was beyond pricey there. I can't imagine what other visitors must think. Our lunch was around $60 (for pizza!) My sunglasses, which I paid $150 for in NYC were selling for $425 in St. Barths! I guess I understand why it's a celebrity destination!

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