1 List, 5 Meals: Summer Lovin'

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

This week's list focuses on summer fresh corn, tomatoes and garden vegetables! I also took care to select recipes that are skillet or stove cooked (not hot oven required!) and pair recipes with common ingredients so you don't get stuck with any leftovers. (no leftovers!)

For example, the Red Lentil Dal and the Mexican Cabbage share the same can of tomato paste. The Mexican Cabbage also shares a can of black beans with the Tofu Chilaquiles.

Download the PDF here (or use the image on Facebook).

For the Frittata, I've suggested tomatoes and basil from your garden, but feel free to use any vegetables you like instead. By the way, I love to serve my Frittata with a side of toast!  

Additionally, to round out the Red Lentil Dal, serve it over brown rice, a whole wheat pita or with a crisp side salad. Similarly, be sure to serve the Portobello Steaks with your two favorite seasonal veggies sides like corn on the cobb or grilled garden fresh zucchini. 


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