Foodie Friday: Pittsburgh, PA

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I'm finally back in St. Maarten after a two-week trip to the states. Here is a glimpse into some of the food I ate during my 2 stops in Pittsburgh, PA. (You can see my eats from Vegetarian Summerfest here). I regrettably didn't photo any of the food I ate while home in New York City. Oops!I was too excited and too busy socializing with friends I guess!

**as a warning, these photos were taken with my phone, sorry about the blurry quality!**

Tofu Mole at Mad Mex in Pittsburgh.

A really awesome tofu appetizer at Mad Mex in Pittsburgh.

Hot Wingz from Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh. (These "wings" tasted exactly the way I remember hot wings tasting. They were really hot!)

Vegan Pulled Pork from Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh.


Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream that's vegan. Need I say more? LOVE.

I was also excited to see so many healthy (and vegan!) snack choices in airports and at the movie theater! Good job America!

Not only is this snack pack a bargain -- three snacks plus water for only $7 -- all of the snacks are completely vegan (and really tasty!). Good job AMC! I found this snack pack at an AMC in New York City.

I found this snack pack in the Pittsburgh airport. All of the snacks were vegan (and gluten-free!) By the way, the bracelet I'm wearing was given to me by a fan who came by my photo shoot in New York City so I could sign a cookbook for him. So sweet of him!

Finally, words cannot describe how awesome it feels to walk into the B&N you've gone to for years and seeing your cookbook on display. No words.

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