Happy Herbivore Necklaces!

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Earlier this year, Scott & I met Nancy Rosen,the jewelry designer for the Real Housewives of NYC, by a happy accident. She was vacationing here in St. Maarten and having always wanted to turn my elephant logo into a charm for myself, I asked her if she could make a necklace for me.

Once I showed her little Herbie, however, Nancy was in love. What can I say? Happy Herbivore's little elephant is pretty irresistible! She told me Herbie was so cute that everybody would want one so I called upon Twitter and Facebook to see if anyone was interested...

I was blown away by the demand (I guess this little guy has a lot of admirers!) so I decided to foray into the world of jewelry with Nancy. 

Nancy sketched out a few necklace ideas, we picked out our favorite and then had a prototype created. It was a long wait, but the necklace finally arrived in St. Maarten yesterday. I immediately put the necklace on and took this picture:

Now, this is just the prototype -- this is not the final necklace. We've decided to nix the leaf and extend his trunk.Still, here are some closer images and various angles of the prototype, so you can get an idea.

We're also considering having the elephant sit directly on the chain rather than hang down in the Y, or perhaps offering both options.

The best part about this sterling silver necklace (aside from it being cute and perfect for everyday wear!) is that I'm donating a portion of the proceeds to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee!! (the rest will go to the maintenance of happyherbivore.com since we're now ad-free).

We'll be acceptingpre-orders of the necklace through Kickstartersoon; we just need to see how the necklace looks with our slight modifications before we have them made for you.

What do you think of the necklace? I'm dying to hear your thoughts! 

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