Cool New Features

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband, Scott, and my assistant, Andrea, lately? 

Well, I do.

They collaborated and brought a cool new feature to

We've (well... they've) been working hard on it for a few weeks so you may have noticed some changes around here...

Anyway, the recipes page has been redesigned. 

It's much more user-friendly (for example, recipes now havelabels for easier navigation, you can"like" your fave HH recipes) and the recipes page is exploding withpictures!!

Almost every recipe has a picture now (this is Andrea's handy work, let's take our hats off to Andrea who hunted around cyberspace for my pictures -- I'm so disorganized!).

Scott & Andrea would love your feedback on this new feature (so leave a comment, please) -- and don't hesitate to suggest other features (or improvements) you'd like to see on After all, this website is for YOU.