Cookbook Countdown: 16 Days to Go: Biscuits & Gravy

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Today's teaser post has three recipes from the cookbook (you lucky ducks!). Together, they make the ultimate breakfast trio so I decided to blog about them as a group rather than individually (and save you from yet another post where I profess my undying love for tofu scramble...I need and intervention, or something).

Now, I know I have a recipe for low fat biscuits and gravy already on this website...but I updated the recipe for the cookbook. The biscuits are now totally fat-free and don't use Tofutti (which I know can be a burden to find). These breakfast biscuits use only 5 ingredients--all of which you always have on hand at any given time... but the tofu scramble and gravy are pretty much the same... (what! I can't totally reinvent the wheel!)

I also timed myself making these recipes and had it cooked and plated in under 25 minutes. It made me wonder why I don't go all out more often at breakfast... this hot plate is well worth 25 minutes of my time!

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