Cookbook Countdown: 21 Days to Go: Garden Chowder

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

One cold night in December 2009, I stood in my tiny NYC kitchen wondering what I'd make for dinner that night. I had so little on hand but it was just too cold to consider going back out.

Scott asked if I could make Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie, which would have been perfect for such a bone-chilling night, but sadly, I was all out of flour. 

That's when I resolved to make a soup that tasted like pot pile filling. I started with a soy milk base, then added all the vegetables we had. I then tasted and tweaked the seasonings as I went.. and even used one seasoning that seems odd but really pulls the whole thing together!

The end result is one of my all-time favorite soups. I could seriously eat this chowder every day of the week. It's healthy, easy, nutritious... you'll love it! 

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