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It's been a long time since I've posted a restaurant review of any kind, no? I guess that's because Scott & I haven't been traveling (or eating out) as much this past year. A sign I have been way too busy? Perhaps. But that's how I like it!

Anyway, the stars aligned this week and I was able to meet JL and experience a new NYC vegan restaurant with her -- V-Note. Plus, this place had vegan wine. Oh, yeah!

Now on to the food:(& thankfully, since JL and I are homies and foodies, we shared everything, switching plates halfway through each meal -- except for the dessert which was a sort of like an 18th Century dual-by-fork experience).

A wonderful vegan crab cake appetizer -- the sauce was killer!

fresh vegan ravioli in a cream sauce (my fave dish!)

vegan seafood risotto, made with lobster mushrooms.

smoked black beans and tempeh

Heaven on Earth--- I mean, vegan cheesecake. (I really have to hand it to V-Note with this cheesecake -- it was so light and fluffy...not too sweet or rich or thick like most restaurant vegan cheesecakes).

For those of you who know I loathe Blossom, yes I was a tad hesitant to come here. As soon as JL gave me the address I'd realized it was in Blossom's failed UES Cafe but ! despite the same location (they redid the inside -- it's stunning!) and the same chef's in control, the food was marvelous. I highly recommend those raviolis! 

Good food. Great conversation. I was definitely a HAPPY herbivore!

(P.s. Read JL's review here.)

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