Ingredient Bucket List

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

For the past few months I've been hosting "Make-It-Work Wednesday" on HH's Facebook page. Each Wednesday I post two fresh ingredients (i.e. potatoes and spinach) and the challenge is to come up with a recipe or meal idea that uses those ingredients, and no other ingredients, except staples like spices, bread, nondairy milk and the like.

It's been a great way to test our culinary creativity, inspire each other and learn how to "cook on the fly" when your fridge and pantry are empty.

For this M-I-W Wednesday, I'm extending the challenge to my blog in hopes you can helpme come up with delicious ways to use up the last of the ingredients lingering in my pantry.

 Normally I'd box everything up and take it to our next home, but since all of our belongings will be in storage for the next year, it makes sense to use them rather than let them age.

Ingredient Bucket List:

  1. mung beans
  2. amaranth
  3. oats (all types)
  4. kidney beans
  5. chickpeas
  6. pinto beans
  7. chia seeds
  8. green lentils
  9. wild rice
  10. bulgar wheat
  11. barley
  12. coconut milk
  13. tomato sauce
  14. diced tomatoes

So there you have it! Make-It-Work...and if I try your recipe or idea, I'll be sure to blog about it!

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