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June 23, 2010

Global Happy Herbivore Meetup

Today is the day for the Global Happy Herbivore Meetup! I'm really, really excited! There are 47 meetups scheduled across six countries! Find a meetup near you or start one!

I'm hosting the NYC Happy Herbivore Meetup at my apartment -- and I'll be streaming it live on Happy Herbivore's Ustream channel. Please join us -- either virtually with a webcam or by chatting in the chatroom!

The NYC "theme" is Summer & Mexican inspired... I'm serving up a mix of new recipes (from my upcoming cookboook) and old recipes (from the e-cookbooks).

Speaking of e-books, they'll be discontinued in one week! The cupcakes I'm making tonight -- Mojito Cupcakes!!! are one of many recipes that are not in my upcoming cookbook! Buy the e-books now before those recipes are gone forever! (& yes, the 'cakes are whole-wheat, fat-free & a bit alcoholic!)

Mojito Cupcake

Psst! To give the e-books a proper send off, I'll be giving away some free copies!

Check back tomorrow for your chance to win!


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