Prepparing for the Challenge

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

We begin the 30 WHOLE Days Challenge... tomorrow! More than 100 people have signed up and together we'll spend the month of May eating only whole, unprocessed foods. I'll be chronically my adventure right here on Happy Herbivore with weekly wrap-up posts, but you can read daily recaps onHey, Lindsay! I'll also be posting recipes as I go along. (I've got some good ones for you!)


Preparing this Challenge has been interesting. I woke up on Monday wondering if I should fall off the wagon and eat processed foods with abandon this week or try to eat a more whole diet to help adjust. I settled on a hybrid between the two. I gave up bread, but ate an entire bag of Dandies. Awesome.

I think for me, the biggest 'challenge,' will be avoiding temptation. During the challenge I'll still be taking photos for my upcoming cookbook and since Scott is not doing the challenge with me, many tasty off-limits foods will be lurking in the kitchen. It will surely be a test of my will powder, thank god I got rid of all those Dandies.

I also have a lot of questions coming into this Challenge: Will I lose weight? Will I have more energy? Is this style of eating realistic for my lifestyle? Will I spend more or less on groceries? Will I have less household waste and recyclbables? Will my digestive system hum along more smoothly or will the increased fiber be... less fun? How will I deal with social situations... like the party I'm going to on Saturday or the business dinner later this month? 

Still, all the questions, excitement (and nerves!) aside, I'm really looking forward to this challenge... and most importantly, getting to share it with all my fellow participants. Here is a list of blogs participating and you can follow participants on this twitter list, too. 

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Let's do it!


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