Happy Herbivore meets Emeril Lagasse

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Even though Emeril is on team meat he is still one of my idols -- someone I aspire to be, or to be like. I have always adored him (I even own all his cookware!), and now I may even love the man. Here's the story:

Earlier this week my friend Briana called saying she had an extra ticket to a taping of Emeril Lagasse's new show. Briana is a chef at one of Tom Colicchio's restaurants and she's always getting to go to these neat food events.

Anyway, when we arrived at his studio Briana told me Jennie Garth was also going to be on the show. I was a devout 90210 fan when it originally aired and am not embarassed to admit I watch the new version, too -- I was thrilled. A few minutes later we passed the sound room and noticed Lonestar was setting up on one of the monitors!!

I'm not a country gal by any means, but "I'm Already There" is easily in my top 25. (It got me through a rough patch when my then-boyfriend was stationed overseas). I was feeling giddy, but trying to keep it together.

An hour later we're finally in the studio (in the back row, but I'm not complaining), the bands are playing and we were getting ready to start the show when suddenly... the producer grabs me and Briana and says "come with me!"

I thought we were in trouble!! Two seconds later I'm sitting in Emeril's "kitchen" As in -- Briana, at any time, could reach over and touch the stove top. We were literally bumping elbows with Emeril.

Sure, that's exciting... but panic hit me immediately when I realized there was a table in front of us. Oh, god. What if he tries to feed me something?! He didn't, thankfully.

The theme of the show was Down Home cookin' (hense Lonestar's guest appearance) but in additional to baby back ribs (ick!) he made not one but TWO vegetarian dishes! He talked about how important it was to eat your veggies AND he used whole wheat pasta in one of them -- I was so excited and proud I could hardly contain myself.

Then (just when I was sure it couldn't get better) Emeril started plugging the importance of a low fat diet and how his dishes were both very low in fat and that he couldn't believe how hard it was to cook without fat (okay Emeril, are you talking to me directly?). Briana squeezed my hand so I knew she was flipping out too.

In between cuts Emeril came over to say hello. He is so cute and adorable -- and nice. He kept winking and me and smiling at Briana throughout the entire show (I'm beginning to realize why we were put down there!) and Jennie was nice, too.

Lonestar was clear across the room, but still within 20 feet... I've never been so close to a band before and it was exciting... I'm pretty sure the keyboardist had a thing for Briana because he kept looking over and winking at her. Briana insists Cody Collins (the lead singer) was looking at me, but I'm more inclined to believe he was looking at the camera near me.

The show won't air until May, but I'll keep you informed -- they got Briana and I a few times during the taping. I also want to veganize all his recipes(ribs, roasted bell pepper mac n' cheese, vegetable pot pie & banana pudding) in time for the show's airdate, too! His new show airs April 18 on ION (formerly PAX).

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