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My life is playing much like a broken record. Cook food. Take photos of said food. Rinse and repeat.

The cookbook is almost finished --- the recipes are written (I surpassed my 200 goal, 213 recipes to be exact!) & now I'm just busy taking photos. I've been working on veganizing a family recipe for you in the meantime & I hope to have that up some time this week. I also have about 12 books and cookbooks I need to review (oops! I'm a bit behind).

Anyway, for now, here are some food shots for you from the cookbook photo shoot this weekend. I took these with my crappy little pocket camera while the actual photos were being taken and/or prepped. (In other words, these are just glimpses and by no means the final product). I'm using a light box since it's winter (natural sunlight isn't a daily occurance here in NYC) and a Nikon D40.

If you follow me on twitter you've seen most of these already; but I hope you enjoy them a second time. My good friend and neighbor, Katherine, also came by to help me out with cooking, cleaning, photog'ing and eating (I'm so grateful!) and she posted some shots and recaps on her blog, too (entry #1 & entry #2). Carrie also posted a long and gorgeous review of recipes she tested for the cookbook, so go check that out when you have a minute or want more food porn!

You can also see photos of other dishes taken by my cookbook testers on flickr. Enjoy!

fat-free vegan chocolate zucchini muffins

fat-free whole wheat chocolate zucchini muffins (so moist it's wrong)

easy vegan pad thai

cheater pad thai (whips up in 2 minutes!)

fat-free vegan cornbread

fat-free whole wheat cornbread (this is a new recipe -- ridiculously good!)

fat-free vegan cheese pizza

fat-free vegan cheese pizza (takes 3 minutes to make and so awesome!)

fat-free biscuits n gravy

fat-free whole wheat biscuits (new recipe & totally effortless!) with vegan fat-free sausage gravy

fat-free apple muffins

whole wheat fat-free apple crisp muffins. I made these for the Gift Basket Giveaway Winner.


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