I met Alicia Silverstone

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As many of you know, thanks to Whole Foods, I was able to attend the Food Network's Wine & Food Festival here in New York City. It was a foodie star-studded event! We saw, among others, Gail Simmons, fellow NYer Rocco DiSpirito and the gorgeously fabulous Alicia Silverstone. Alicia had her very own cooking demonstration (in a viking kitchen! ugh! jealous!) where she talked about the health benefits of a whole foods vegan diet and made recipes from her new book -- out today!! The Kind Diet. Here are a few photos of Alicia cooking:3998708537_a87c6c53193998711087_51c2aea3933999467038_369ff49af1They were recording the demonstration so I hope that means it will be playing on the Food Network! Afterward I had the chance to chat with Alicia while she was signing books. Let me just say that Alicia is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. She glows like you wouldn't believe and is just stunning in person. I couldn't help but remember how much hoopla there was about her fuller figure in the late 1990s when she played Batgirl. Well critics,  look at her now. She's slender, with bright eyes, rosy cheeks and immaculate skin. Living, breathing proof that the diet I swear by works for her too. Alicia said herself that she feels like she is growing younger and I believe she is.3998718115_fbec3a5ed2Anyway, I've had a chance to read and make a few recipes from The Kind Diet -- which is released today! Alicia is so gentle and well spoken in this book. With a slow, steady and kind hand she talks to you like a friend, helping you every step of the way. The book is also incredibly informative. She covers everything from the horrors of the meat and dairy industry, to the health benefits of a plant diet, to the earth benefits of eating this way and offering tips and insights only a decade-long veghead could. The Kind Diet is also filled with delicious - healthy! recipes and gorgeous photography. Alicia will also have an interactive website soon to help grow a network of those of us who live this way and I cannot wait to be a part of that!

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