A Vegan Taste of DC

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

This weekend Scott & I went down to DC to see some friends. I love going to DC because I know it means a trip to Sticky Fingers Bakery. We also went to the ever-so-popular Java Green and award-winning Vegetate (which is now closed). I must admit I'm a bit obsessed with Sticky Fingers. I love their chili cheese dog and hot wings. If we weren't there at 9 am I would have also tried their new grilled cheese sandwich (made with Daiya!) I didn't care for Java Green or Vegetate. Java Green is all about fake meat sandwiches, which just aren't my thing. I didn't like meat when I was an omni so it's no real surprise I don't like the vegan version either. As for Vegetate, the presentation was lovely but the food fell short. It was really greasy, deep-fried and oober expensive. I shared an appetizer and a dessert, plus had my own meal -- which all cost me about $40 with tip and I left HUNGRY. Anyway, don't let my bad reviews deter you -- both places are exceedingly popular and I freely admit I'm a tough critic.

Enjoy the foodie photos! There are also a few more on flickr.



Vegan Belgian Waffle @ Java Greenbreakfast sandwich - vegan

Breakfast Sandwich @ Java Greencinnamn bun

Sticky Bun @ Sticky Fingersvegan hot wings

Hot Wingz @ Sticky Fingersbreakfast sandwich - vegan

Breakfast Sandwich @ Sticky Fingersvegan cupcakes

Cupcakes @ Sticky Fingers

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