Vcon: Chickpea Cutlets

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I'm sure everyone has made and/or blogged about these cutlets by know. I know I posted about them back when HH was still over at blogspot. Yet these cutlets are so good, I can't help but give them another shout out. I tend to make them when omnivores are coming over for dinner, especially omni's who still think us vegans eat salads at every meal... I just love seeing their reaction when I present a vegan dish that requires using a knife!


I follow the recipe almost exactly, except that I don't use any oil, I use 1/2 whole wheat bread crumbs and 1/2 tvp (instead of bread crumbs) and I bake 'em. The end result is the same, delicious Vcon chickpea cutlet, but its a little healthier and really meaty. I served them with steamed green beans and my all-time favorite gravy: the mushroom gravy from VWAV.

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