NY, NY: Slice

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel
NYers arekind of obsessed with cheesecake, bagels and pizza. At the very least these foods resonate deep in our souls and we are certainly particular if not snobby, when it comes it eating these foods. When I was a vegetarian, before I did anything else, I went straight to Ray's Pizza. Usually with suitcase in tow.I simply couldn't wait one more minute. Hell, I once carried an entire pizza home on the bus (to many fellow riders annoyance) back to Boston.

pie at slce.JPG

(Vegan Pizza @ Slice - Spelt Crust/Soy Cheese)

Once I went vegan, this presented a bit of a problem. I've been back to NY several times since, but the trip seemed to be missing something without a slice of pie. That was, until I found Slice on happycow.net that in addition to serving soy and rice cheeses ALSO offers rice, spelt and whole wheat crust. I've really never been so happy. VEGANS EVERYWHERE! Go get a vegan slice at Slice!

HH at slice.JPG


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