NY, NY: Babycakes

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel
I just had to know what the fuss was all about.It wasn't until I moved to LA that I learned of Babycakes NYC's existance*. You see, LA vegans have been anxiously anticipating Babycakes LA location to open up (it's grand opening has been delayed far more times than one could count) and its the kind of thing you always hear a buzz about. I figured while back home I'd haul all my cookies to lower downtown and give the seemingly legendary cupcakes a whirl. I was stoked to see gluten-free and spelt cupcakes and yes, the bakery did smell like a sugary filled dream! Here's what we ordered:


(Lemon, Red Velvet & Gingerbread)

Sadly, everyone was sorely disappointed. While the icing on my lemon cupcake was to die for, the actual cupcake left much to be desired. My friend Lindsey's favorite cake is red velvet and she too wasn't happy with her cupcake (Please don't give up on vegan cake Linds!). Scott wasn't impressed with the gingerbread one either and reiterated he preferred my homemade fat-free carrot cake cupcakes. Taste aside, the cupcakes range from $3.50-$4.50 each. While I'm used to those high prices in LA, I still felt a tad ripped off... Oh well, at least they made for a pretty photo.

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