LA: Mr. Damianos

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel
When Scott & I lived in Boston, we loved TJ Scallywaggles vegan pizza and were first introduced to a vegan style pizzaria while on vacation in PDX where Hot Lips Pizza lives. I was sure there would be an equally awesome vegan pizza joint here in LA, but everyone we asked had nothing to offer. We did find vegan pizza on the menu at our beloved Native Foods, but it was so messy and gourmet you had to eat it with a fork (sacralige!). Scott stumbled upon Damiano's Mr. Pizza via Google last week and sent me an email saying thats what he wanted for dinner. While the place is no frills (just how this NYer likes it), the vegan pizza is off the crust GOOD *and* they offer 100% whole wheat crust! Sigh. They use follow your heart mozz and it was so melty and gooey -- I must have my own 500 degrees oven!scaled.DSCN3761.JPGP.S. as a die hard NYer who tends to snub her nose up at just about any slice of pie thats toots itself as NY-style outside of NY, I give this pizza a thumbs up. Truly a SLICE of heaven if you get me. So if you're ever in WeHo roll on over to Damianos! By the way, you won't find "vegan pizza" on the menu, you gotta ask for it by name! Nom. Nom. Nom.scaled.DSCN3763.JPGScott on his 5th slice!scaled.DSCN3764.JPG

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