Vcon: Chickpea Noodle Soup

I know, I've been on a Vcon kick lately. It actually all started with this recipe. My good friend Vegyogini had recommended this soup to me and once I dug the mighty Vcon out (I moved recently) I figured, well, hell, why just make one recipe? Truth is, I've owned Vcon since it came out about a year ago and I've only made about 5 dishes... so it's been nice to "get my monies worth." Anyway, I went a little nuts with this soup. I started adding in all sorts of vegetables that weren't called for in the recipe and it ended up being so chunky I couldn't add the noodles (so I guess I should call it 'chickpea veggie soup') and of course I omitted the oil, but otherwise I did follow the recipe and its freakin' fantastic. I'm seriously in love with it. In fact, I've made it twice in the past two weeks for our lunches because its.just.that.good!vconchickpeanoodlesoup.JPG