Shortcut to Slim

Supreme Slimdown Blueprint - Product Updates

Version 2

  • page 2, change to “Trader Joe’s”
  • page 3, “…you are going to benefit…”
  • page 10, first paragraph, “Think of it like speeding in your car. Your GPS gives you an estimated time you’ll reach your destination, assuming you go the speed limit. You’re making your body more efficient by speeding, you’ll get there faster than planned on expected. Once…”
  • page 10, there’s an extra space in the 5th paragraph, “Here’s the good news: Each recipe…” the space is between each and recipe.
  • page 12, quinoa’s dry amount is 3 tbsp
  • page 14, dry amount for quinoa should be 3 tbsp and dry amount for brown rice is ½ cup
  • page 15, add a parenthesis around chocolate chip’s measurement “chocolate chip (1 ½ tbsp)”
  • page 13, move rice vinegar to the top of the international aisle list
  • page 16, there’s an extra space between sweetheart and caulioats
  • page 25, recipe name is “SMOKIN’ ZUCCHINI PANCAKES”
  • page 28, **COCO CAT CURRY serves 1, currently says serves 2** also change the ½ can lite coconut milk fraction to be smaller like the other fractions
  • page 35, “Oven Fries” not “OVEN FRIES”
  • remove make ahead section for bella big mac (and any other make ahead sections that might be left in remaining recipes, I don’t see anymore but just in case)
  • page 56, remove bold from Slice Brussels sprouts
  • page 60, add hyphen for chipotle dinner cup measurement, “1/2-cup” make sure the fraction is formatted correctly

Verison 3

  • week 1 shopping lists, can you please add Meal "O" to spaghetti squash (it will be C H O) and change the total to 1 1/2

Verison 4

  • Removed Meal "S" from extra-firm tofu under OTHER REFRIGERATED