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Most bad habits are caused by one of two things: 

Being stressed or bored. Usually stressed… who has time to be bored?!

When my routine is shaken up I feel more out of control which makes me either stress eat or I get to a point where I’m so hungry that I’ll eat a bag of chips or a bunch of crackers instead of taking 5 seconds to peel a banana. 

Why is that? Why do we do ...

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Start 2018 off right with our Post-Holiday, Detox Meal Plan!

This is the EXACT whole foods reboot you need.

  • No sugar
  • No wheat 
  • 100% plant-based (vegan)


11 simple, extra nourishing meals to kickstart 2018! 

You’ll be eating:

  • Roma Cauliflower Steaks
  • Bodacious Butterritos
  • Chickpea & Kale Curry
  • Creamy Kale Salad
  • Anti-Inflammatory Carrot Soup
  • Goddess Greens Minestrone
  • Roasted Quinoa Pie
  • Macro Bowls
  • Oh My Greens Ramen 
  • Beauty & Beet Hummus
  • Mango Custard

This quick refresh + community support ...

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Save 22% on a yearly membership.

Get 52 weeks of simple meal plans (1,000 recipes) for only $179 (reg. $228)

But that's not all...


Join today and get all these extra bonuses:

  • The 'Shortcut to Slim' Weight-Loss Book
  • Best of 2017 Cookbook
  • 2018 Detox Plan
  • Weight Tracker app
  • 45-minute Training Course on mindset science (How to Change
    Your Mindset for Success)

Yearly membership also includes access to my private VIP Facebook
group. Get ...

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In 2014 I resolved to 'Subtract.'


While everyone around me was resolving to do something: start working out, pay down debt, or "live life to the fullest".

I decided to NOT do something.

I eliminated an energy vampire.

I had this habit of re-reading emails after I sent them (especially if I was stewing in anger or thought what I wrote was "genius") so I resolved to stop doing that.

Seems silly, but that elimination-resolution stuck ...

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Everyone I know goes on a detox or cleanse for the new year, and don't we all need one? Don't we need to purify ourselves with $6.99 green juices?

Yes… and no.

Our bodies already have mechanisms to detox; they are called our livers and kidneys.

Green juice will not purify you. 

Especially if you turn around and go face down in a pile of nachos because you've juiced for the last 12 hours and ...

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