Best Pizza Hummus aka Pizza Dip -- Super Bowl Food Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

When your two favorite Football foods become ONE.

Or even if you don’t do football…

This hummus is a party favorite.

Serve warm or cold with crudites, crackers, pita, pretzel rods, a spoon...

Recipe below > > >

Pizza Hummus aka Pizza Dip



Tabbouleh Tacos, BLT Ranch Burger, Asian Falafels Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Heyyyy New York, Fusion is Fashion!

I’m bringing out my culinary flare in #FashionWeek spirit. 

(It’s Fashion Week in New York and Paris… I’m a baby fashionista….)

Your kitchen table is my runway this week! 

This collection of meals is totally trendsetting with “East meets West” as the focus. 

You’ll be dining in style with these must-have recipes: 

  1. BLT Ranch Burger (new)
  2. Mexicali Couscous 
  3. Bruschetta Stew    
  4. Very Verde Chili
  5. Asian Falafels
  6. Tofu Vindaloo 
  7. Tabbouleh Tacos ...
Buffalo Fritters, Vegan Shashuka, Winter Panzanella Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

Pack your bags!

Your tastes buds are on the International Express this week!

Favorite dishes from North Africa, Korea, Morocco, the Middle East, Italy, China, and Mexico included! (Plus New York & Louisiana). 

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these traditional meals.

In minutes!

Or how tasting them transports you to somewhere else. 

Cajun Pasta takes 5 minutes.

Spinach Rice has 7 ingredients.

'Roccon Roll-Ups take 5 minutes.

Broccoli Fritters have 9 ingredients.

I eat a ...

your backup plan when don't want to cook" "Minimalist" vegan meals (aka eat like a college kid) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve finally done it. You planned, you’re prepared!

...and life throws you a curveball.

SO many times I planned to make recipe...
Even went shopping for the ingredients to make the recipe…
Had *every intention* to cook when I got home…

But then a crisis happened at the office

Or there was some other “emergency” that needed my attention after work…

THAT scenario happened so frequently that I started cooking meals on the weekend ...

Greek Tacos, Parisian Polenta, Coconut Cauliflower Curry Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: MealPlan

Do you feel amazing after last week's "detox" plan? 

Me too! Today is the first day I didn’t crave sweets!

This week’s plan is your bridge between resolution and reality: 

A focus on nutrition but also simple recipes that are realistic and flavorful.

If green soups and beet hummus were too granola hippie for you to kickoff 2018 (I get that), use this plan as a gentle transition away from rich holiday food and towards a ...


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