Premium Pack

What is the 2019 Premium Pack?

A collection of cookbooks, live workshops, and workbooks Lindsay S. Nixon (aka Happy Herbivore) is releasing in 2019.

Today is your only opportunity to get ALL of them bundled together at a discounted price. If you miss this opportunity, you will have to buy each individually at full price later.

The 2019 Premium Pack is an early bird special for 2019.

If you think you will want even 2 of these amazing upcoming offerings from Lindsay, this bundle pack is a good deal for you.

Here's what you'll get with 2019 Premium Pack:

  • 2019 Vegan Detox Meal Plan (7-day plan) ($29.99) available instantly
  • Happy Herbivore Gets Saucy Cookbook (100+ oil-free dressings, sauces, gravies) ($19.99)
  • Shortcut to Slim: Blueprint Cookbook ($39.99)
  • Shortcut to Slim: Sugar Addiction Defeat! (8-day plan) ($59.99)
  • Food Addiction Workshop + Workbook (the science behind it + how to stop) ($119.99)
  • Thin Brain: Rewire your Mind-Body Connection (live workshop + workbook) ($99.99)
  • Happy Herbivore Goes Bowl-ing Cookbook (45+ inventive grain bowls) ($19.99)
  • Early access to Season 3 of the Shortcut to Slim podcast
  • Shortcut to Slim Pathways: Research-based weight-loss strategies for everybody ($32.50)

Together these programs and books total $422.43.

TODAY ONLY you can get ALL of it for $149.

The 2019 Premium Pack bundles together every cookbook, live workshop, and workbook Lindsay S. Nixon is releasing in 2019 at an early bird discount.

Take advantage of this incredible offer today and save $273.43.

You'll also get early access to Seasons 3 & 4 of Lindsay's Shortcut to Slim podcast PLUS a copy of Lindsay's upcoming research-based book on weight-loss science before anyone else.

You only have 24 hours to get the 2019 Premium Pack bundle deal, so don't wait any longer. There will not be another sale or discount like this offered.

How to get the 2019 Premium Pack?

Option #1: Purchase the 2019 Premium Pack

The 2019 Premium Pack is available today only for $149.

The 2019 Premium Pack includes every cookbook, live workshop, and workbook Lindsay S. Nixon is releasing in 2019 at an early bird discount.

Option #2: Buy a Premium membership from Meal Mentor which includes the Premium Pack

*Premium* Meal Mentor Membership includes EVERYTHING in the 2019 Premium Pack *PLUS* a 1-year subscription to Lindsay's meal planning App and private Facebook group.

With Premium Meal Mentor Membership, you automatically get everything Lindsay shares and creates. You get everything in the 2019 Premium Pack plus a year of her recipes and meal plans AND a few other extras.

Lindsay is here to support you with her knowledge, research, experience, and simple, healthy recipes.

If you want more of Lindsay, honest research, helpful shortcuts, and simple, healthy, plant-based (vegan) recipes that promote health and weight management, Premium Meal Mentor Membership is the smart option for you. Sign up here

The Meal Mentor App

Meal planning, grocery shopping, and eating healthy has never been more realistic or doable. Lindsay's new Meal Mentor App makes it easy for you to shop, cook, and be healthy, without having to think too much, slave over a stove, or plan ahead.

Your plan can be created in the time it takes to walk from your car to the grocery store door. Open the app, click on a few recipes, and your shopping list is instantly created. As you shop, you can click off what you have purchased.

100% vegan (plant-based) and oil-free recipes with gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and flour-free options always included in every recipe.

No other meal planning service or cookbook offers this. Calories and nutritional information are included with every recipe. Meals are 380-420 calories per serving. Cook time is 5-20 minutes for most recipes.

2019 Premium Pack Standalone


Includes every cookbook, live workshop, and workbook Lindsay S. Nixon is releasing in 2019 at an early bird discount.

Meal Mentor Premium + 2019 Premium Pack


Get everything in the 2019 Premium Pack PLUS a one-year subscription to Lindsay's simple, healthy recipes and meal plans in the Meal Mentor App.

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If you already have a membership and want it all, "upgrade" your account to Premium.

Here’s what’s included:

2019 Vegan Detox Meal Plan

Available immediately.

The 2019 Detox Plan includes 13 brand-new detox recipes plus four repeat favorites from past years. This simple, 7-day meal plan full of ultra healthy, nourishing meals is THE plan you’ll go back to any time you need to get back on track.

We are starting this plan together as a group TOMORROW, January 2!

Happy Herbivore Gets Saucy Cookbook

Sauces are my secret weapon. The right sauce can pull even the most random ingredients together into a cohesive, well-executed meal. Never suffer through a boring salad or a meal that is “missing something” even again with these quick, 1-minute recipes.

Over 100 oil-free dressings, sauces, gravies for the vegan who wants flavor and fun.

Shortcut to Slim: Sugar Addiction Defeat! (8-day plan)

End your sugar addiction safely and successfully in 8-days with a simple food plan and workbook. Deep down you know your sugar addiction is more than physical dependence. This program attacks the physical hook as well as the psychological one.

Complete with a full scientific explanation of how sugar addiction works and research-based strategies that work.

Food Addiction Workshop + Workbook

Live 1-hour workshop on the science behind food addiction, how it works, why it is different from other addictions, and the EXACT steps you need to take to recover. I will also share (in detail) my story of recovery and despair before I hit rock bottom. Live Q&A at the end.

A comprehensive workbook for you to complete on your own is also included to help you walk through the very steps I took with research-based strategies and solutions.

Shortcut to Slim Blueprint Cookbook ($39.99)

Additional Breakfast, Lunches, and Dinners you can add to the Shortcut to Slim Blueprint Weight-Loss Plan. These recipes are science-based and specifically designed to restart weight-loss when you've stalled out or hit a plateau.

Thin Brain: Rewire your Mind-Body Connection (Workshop + Workbook)

Live 45-minute workshop on the mind-body connection and power of mindset. What you think and believe can affect you at both cellular and hormonal levels, making it easy (or hard) to lose weight.

In this workshop, I will help you rewire your mindset into a “thin brain” freeing you from a subconscious that is holding you back. A comprehensive neuroplasticity workbook for maintenance and further recovery is included. Untangle the mess and reprogram your brain so you don't have to work so hard at weight and food once and for all.

Happy Herbivore Goes Bowl-ing Cookbook

Enjoy 45+ inventive grain bowls, the ultimate one-dish meal you can pull together in minutes.

Based on principals from ancient Chinese medicine, each of these bowl meals centers on grains, protein, and seasonal vegetables for your satisfaction, satiety, and health.

Every cuisine is represented and a FORMULA for creating your own perfect bowl is included. “Happy Bowls” are a smart way to eat and optimize your perfect plant-based diet.

Early access to season 3 of the Shortcut to Slim podcast

The Shortcut to Slim podcast is Lindsay Nixon's research-based podcast on diet and nutrition. (weight loss science). Each episode covers the latest honest research in the field of weight loss science, how you can apply it to yourself, and what actions you can take immediately for results and recovery.

Shortcut to Slim Pathways: Research-based weight-loss strategies for everybody

This is the research book that has been four years in the making! After reading 156 medical journals and studies, and more than 72 books on diet and weight-loss, Lindsay has made sense of the science and boiled it down into one tactical (straight-shooting) book for you.

If you’ve been seduced, distracted, and mesmerized by all the weird mixed messages and promises of our culture from the "experts" in both the mainstream and along the edges - including those in the vegan, raw, and plant-based movement, you will finally have the honest truth about weight-loss and be able to quiet the noise.

This book recognizes that although we all have similar goals, one-size does not fit all. Twelve different sustainable strategies (“pathways” as Lindsay calls them) are provided for you to try out based on your goals and current situation.

Real-life examples and illustrations from Lindsay's private clients and her life are included to help you understand the science and what you need to do next. Lindsay has also included all of the honest, unbiased research she uncovered and uses to form her pathways so you can review it and explore yourself.

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