The Happy Herbivore Cooking Show — LIVE! --- it's coming!

You've been hearing me talk about it for a while, and it's coming...

...and it's coming LIVE!

Bloopers, technical meltdowns and all.... we're in this together!

The premiere episode of the Happy Herbivore Cooking Show will be airing LIVE this Sunday (November 17th 2013) at 6pm (Pacific-CA) and 9pm (Eastern-NY).

You can catch the LIVE episode on Ustream!

Note: LIVE sessions are not on YouTube (if you've previously followed my YouTube channel). However, if all goes according to plan ;) the LIVE show will be recorded and will end up ON YouTube the next day (Monday).

So. much. technology.

Future shows will be recorded (so you'll get them on Youtube--and if you subscribe to my channel, they'll go straight to your inbox the moment they're up!), but the premiere will be LIVE and if our first show goes well, I'll try to do more LIVE ones!

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

Here is the Ustream link (bookmark it!)

By the way, my cooking DVD (companion to Happy Herbivore Abroad) is now available "instantly" on Amazon! You can watch it on your computer, ipad, iphone, droid, or other device.

And it's on sale for $1.99! (LIMITED TIME) - promo for the show!

Go cook up some recipes from Abroad with me!

Consider it a warm-up for Sunday ;)


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