Just Eat Plants Giveaway! Your Chance to Win a Free T-Shirt! (*now closed*)

Meet Mimi! Mimi emailed me recently to tell me that we share the same birthday (Happy birthday to us on Tuesday!), *and* she graciously offered to celebrate by hosting a T-shirt giveaway! 

As you know, I've been working to get "Happy Herbivore" T-shirts made (still working on it! soon!) but in the meantime, here are some equally awesome "Just Eat Plants" shirts that Mimi designed for Leafy Café! These super comfy tees star iconic herbivores like elephants (yay!), gorillas, rhinos, and giraffes.

Best of all, Mimi donates the money raised from sales PCRMGorilla Doctors, and Wild Aid.

Here's what Mimi had to say about her journey and mission:

I have been eating a WFPB diet since 2008. As a chef cooking for private clients, it often makes sense to eat what you are preparing for clients to save money and time in your own life. Many of my clients have certain dietary restrictions, hence I became aware of the work of McDougall, Campbell, Esselstyn, Ornish and Fuhrman. When a particular client started to share the science behind her dietary choices,  it made sense for me to eat this way all of the time and I have never looked back! 

The reasons I choose to eat this way are as varied and multiple as the benefits. In 2009, I became a Food for Life Cooking Instructor with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, which helped me realize my passion of teaching plant-based cooking. I had no idea I would love to teach cooking, having always worked in restaurants, resorts and inns. Since then I have opened up the Leafy Café Cooking School, still cook for private clients, make prepared foods to sell at our local farmer’s market in order to support my clients and others who are choosing to eat WFPB, and I have a job at a busy inn.

In 2011, my husband David Wright, a photographer and documentary filmmaker, joined me 100%.  Actually David was a vegetarian when I met him, but he lived mostly on cheese and bread. Now he eats more veggies then he ever dreamed!

We designed the JUST EAT PLANTS product line as a way to give back to organizations which do good works for animals, in particular the iconic herbivores we feature on the products, donating the profits from the sales to these organizations. We used David’s images and selected the Gorilla, Rhino, Elephant and Giraffe to show how strong something can be when just eating plants!  We are trying to bring about awareness of the environmental impact the western or SAD has on the planet (and our bodies) and through eating this way, we are lessening our own impact.  The product line is available through our Leafy Café – CafePress store and you can order directly through us as shown on the blog. The elephant design is currently only available through us directly but will soon be on CafePress  (as soon as we can figure out the new features on the website!). 

Each of the shirts purchased through us directly (not through CafePress) are hand-screened by a woman who took my Food for Life classes and feels the switch to a WFPB diet saved her from ovarian cancer! She is a regular in many of my cooking classes and she is a big fan of Happy Herbivore. (Her story is featured in this post). 

Thank you Lindsay for the great books and the meal plans! I have pointed so many of the FFL participants and clients toward the HH meal plans. Sometimes I spend the first couple of attempts with them in the grocery store and kitchen until they are comfortable on their own. The shopping list and meal plans make transitioning to a plant-based diet so simple!

***GIVEAWAY Closed!***

Thanks for partiscipated! Winner was picked using random.org!

Thanks so much, Mimi! And Happy Birthday!!!

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