The Happy Herbivore Cooking Show — Coming Soon!

I've been keeping a secret from you... a big secret. (I really don't know how I kept my mouth shut for so long!)

For ages, you've been asking me when I was going to have my own show on the Food Network... 

And I'll be honest: I just don't think we're going to see a vegan show or healthy fare on the Food Network anytime soon (but I'd love to be wrong).

So what am I talking about then? 

I'm going to do my own show. On YouTube. 

And isn't that what all the cool kids are doing anyway these days? Hulu and Netflix have their own original series now (and they're pretty awesome), and I think I read that Amazon is going to have their own original programming too...

Cable isn't the only game in town anymore! Small is in. Big is out!

(I'm constantly amazed at how the Internet changes things!)

So here I am, following the marching band :) 

Plus this way I can film when I want to, when it's good for me. One of the reasons I've always been hesitant to even try to get my own show is that having one would really mess up my life. 

No seriously! There are hard and fast deadlines and schedules with TV. It would be a full-time, 60-hour-a-week job. I wouldn't be able to do Happy Herbivore anymore, because I'd be in a studio all day and I just can't give that up.I like writing blog posts and interacting with you on Facebook and Twitter. I like being so hands-on. I also was EXHAUSTED after two days of shooting for the Happy Herbivore Abroad Cooking DVD that I can't even imagine doing that all the time. 

(I have mad respect for actors and film crews!)

*Watching my Happy Herbivore Abroad Cooking DVD for the first time! 

I also don't do so well with bureaucratic red tape and politics. I need to be able to be meyself and be creative. I can't sit at a round table and be told to tone myself down or say something I wouldn't normally say. AND I'll be honest: I'm a control freak (just ask my publisher ;) lol).

PLUS if I bootstrap this, I can put it on YouTube, making it available for EVERYONE. 

I'll just set up a bunch of webcams. It's cool. I can do this. (Or I'll have fun trying!).

I have a super slick kitchen and now I just need to go film. (and then edit). 

*There's me on Dr. Oz last year! 

The Happy Herbivore Cooking Show (maybe I'll come up with a better name) will premiere this October!

Once I build up a little confidence and skills with all the equipment, I'll look into doing some live episodes!

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