Meet Team Happy Herbivore

For a long time, Happy Herbivore was a one-woman show (well, okay, I made Scott do a lot of technical stuff!). But I was Happy Herbivore and Happy Herbivore was me. That was it. Two peas in a pod, one in the same. 

But Happy Herbivore has grown beyond me — which is amazing — and while I still feel like "the happy herbivore" I also see Happy Herbivore as a company and community independent of me. I'm not a one-woman show anymore. I'm a CEO. 

I'll always be the face of my company — Happy Herbivore is my love, my life, and my baby, but I must also give a nod to the people who make it possible for me to do what I do. I mean, just yesterday I was off filming all day (from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and in the past, that would have meant the rest of Happy Herbivore would go dark. But it didn't, because my team was there to fill in for me. I absolutely couldn't "do it all" without their support, dedication, and hard work. 

So, without further ado:

The Happy Herbivore Team:

Lacey, Social Media Manager

Lacey is the woman behind the social media presence at Happy Herbivore when I'm on the go — traveling to conferences, book signings, or locking myself in the kitchen to write another cookbook! Lacey is a life-long foodie, an animal lover, a Led Zeppelin fanatic, a bourbon drinker, and she loves to swim. She has also tested for several of my cookbooks, making sure my recipes were up to snuff for you. Lacey's current favorite HH recipe is crispy chickenless nuggets.

Lindsey Talene, Project Manager 

Lindsey Talene has her hand in every cookie jar at Happy Herbivore. She manages my schedule and all of my ongoing projects, including creating the meal plans with me each week. She lives in Central Texas with her boyfriend and her cat, Harley. She loves to make HH cinnamon buns and listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Framing Hanley, her two favorite bands. Lindsey Talene also has Herbie tattooed on her arm.

Scott, Intelligence

Scott (a.k.a. Mr. Happy Herbivore) is the mastermind behind all of the cool features on and Currently, Scott's working on a few upcoming HH iPhone/iPad apps and a redesign for When he's not programming, Scott's out running in his five-fingers, snowboarding, or watching baseball. He's a Red Sox fan first, Dodgers second, and a beer enthusiast above all (he loves IPAs!). Scott's favorite HH recipe is whatever I'm making ;) 

Ruby, Photographer 

Ruby takes all the beautiful pictures of food you see on the blog and Facebook. She's been married to her high school sweetheart for 33 years and they have two children and three grandkids. Ruby loves sewing, knitting, crocheting, tole painting, crafts, and anything that is hands on. She also loves hearts, the color deep red, hot pink, and her favorite animal is the elephant. Her favorite HH recipes are Chocolate Zucchini MuffinsCheater Pad ThaiTuna Salad, and Black Bean Burgers, just to name a few!

As for some former team members: my sister, Courtney, left her previous job in Florida to help me in Colorado while I worked feverishly to finish Happy Herbivore Abroad. Once the book wrapped, she headed home and back to her career — finding an amazing new job that she loves. (A testament to how great my sister is: her second month on the job, she was awarded "employee of the month.") I do miss working with her and seeing her every day, though. 

Meanwhile Andrea, who interned at Happy Herbivore during college and has helped out here and there for the last year, has also moved on. 

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