Ingredient Apps

Hi Herbies, this is Courtney again. I was in the store the other day with Lindsay, and we were looking at the ingredients of some foods. I am still amazed at some of the ingredients that companies are allowed to use.

Half of them I don't even know how to pronounce or spell without looking at the package. Are they really necessary? How are we supposed to know what these ingredients are?

It’s not just things like using the term 'casein' instead of milk protein It is ingredients like anthocyanins. Anthocyanins - is that like cyanide? No, it is a plant pigment.

Most of us are unfamiliar with the terms companies use for ingredients. Thankfully there are many websites and cell phone apps that can quickly help you find out what those terms mean.

Before moving here, I would rely on the apps on my phone to help me look up a new product that I wanted to buy.

There are a lot of phone apps on the market, but there are 2 types that I really like. One is just a list of ingredients and says if that ingredient is plant-based or not.

The other app lets me scan a barcode right in the store or enter the item name, and will tell me if other people have classified the item as vegan or vegetarian (or let me if it hasn't been done already).

Obviously there are more apps on the market that can do the same searches. Since moving here I haven't had a need for the apps, since Lindsay makes the grocery lists and doesn't let me have the vegan junk food anymore.

The two apps that I use are VegCheck (for the andriod) and Animal-Free, which is available on the android and iphone.

Do you use apps to help make sure you know what you are buying?

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