Necklace Update & Status

Necklaces from the first project (through Kickstarter in August) have been mailed and you should receive them soon if you haven't already. 

Necklaces from our second project (through in October) are still being made. I just stopped taking orders on October 31st. The designer assured me the necklaces will be ready for shipment in the next few weeks. I'll let you know when they arrive and are being shipped.

I've gotten a lot of questions if I'll do another run and honestly, I don't know. While I'd love to and I love the charity it's going to, the project is a lot of work and I need to write another cookbook :-) So I'm not sure I have the time or if there is a sufficient demand for more necklaces (the designer requires a minimum order of 100 necklaces).

If you wanted a necklace and didn't order one during both projects, please send me an email (lindsay-at-happyherbivore-dot-com) and I'll put you on a waiting list (people always cancel or never turn in their shipping address and I have to resell them) and if I do decide to do a third project, I'll let you know.

Thanks to everyone who participated -- we sold over 400 necklaces!! Yay for the elephants!

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