Foodie Friday + Goody Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some of the foods that came out of my kitchen this week (plus pictures of the pugs!)

Now, for the food!

Remember how I said I was hooked on "nacho salad" - I wasn't joking. I ate this salad three times this week! The last time I added some avocado. 

Speaking of avocado, this brings up something interesting. People always assume I hate all fats. I don't hate unprocessed, natural fats, but because I stick to a low fat diet, I don't eat them every day and when I do eat them, I enjoy modest servings. For example here, I added had half of a small avocado to my salad. I might also have a small handful of raw nuts or seeds, or occasionally a dab of peanut butter on toast. I don't eat these natural fats every day, but I do eat them. However, when I was losing weight, I didn't eat any added fats at all, even wholesome ones like avocado. Now that I'm at my goal weight, I eat them sparingly but I have found if I go overboard, the weight creeps back on. Last summer, for example, I went on a guacamole kick and after eating guacamole almost everyday for two weeks I realized my pants were a little more snug. Once I stopped eating so much guacamole, the weight slipped right back off, even without increasing my activity level. So the moral of the story is, I stick to my low fat diet, which limits how often I indulge in health fats, it's what's works for me. I've never felt better and it's been an easy way to keep the weight off (3 yrs and counting!).

I also can't seem to get enough of tofu eggless egg salad! It's so fast to whip together and it makes enough for several salads... I'm lazy, what can I say? It's also so filling!

Tofu Scramble is a common event around here. I love that it's quick enough I can make it for breakfast, but it also becomes a dinner staple when I'm in no mood to put much effort into dinner. I love that I can throw whatever I have on hand or leftover into my scramble too! I cleaned out the fridge with this meal.

Now this tofu is a hot mess. It tasted awesome but really failed the delivery and presentation test. I used my fat-free vegan quiche recipe as a base, adding black beans, corn, salsa and mexican spices instead of greens, and then forgot to add the cornstarch so it came out as a blob...but a really taste blob! I smothered it in hot sauce too. I only wished it had involved a green to be a bit more balanced... next time!

Now this Fat-Free Vegan Grilled Cheese comes from my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore. The best part about it? It comes together as fast as you can toast bread!

Family Pictures

Scott heading out for a run. I told him he looked like abanana and should be embarrassed. He said he was confident in the outfit he picked out for himself so I threatened to put a picture of him dressed as such on my blog. Well, here it is. Scott, you look like a banana.  (but I love you anyway).

It's nearly impossible to get a clear picture of this one. She is a wild pug.

If there was any doubt as to whether my pugs are herbivores...

Goody Giveaway!

Today I'm giving away a sampler pack of (vegan) Goody Good Gummies.Goody Good Gummies are a healthier take on gummy candy. They're made with natural juices and flavors, fat free, dairy free and gelatin free! They're also free of food colorings and weird dyes. 

The really nice folks behind this company offered me some samples but since I can't accept them (I live outside of the U.S.), they've graciously agreed to let me give them away to one of you!

For a chance to win, leave a comment saying which flavor you'd like to try: Cola Breeze, Summer Peaches, Sour Mix or Sour Fruit Salad. 

I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning and announce it in this post. Good Luck!   (Restricted to U.S. residents)


Congrats Jane! "Boy, I would love to try the sour mix. My omni friends bring those neon sugared gummy worms to group events ALL THE TIME. My day has come!"

Indeed, it has! 

Thanks everyone for participating!