re: Amazon Orders

I've been getting several messages that Amazon has "cancelled" your orders, so I wanted to explain that here.

First let me say I'm so sorry this happened. I know many of you have been waiting a really long time already and now having the order cancelled is aggravating.

Amazon is getting more books on 4/22and will be taking/fulfilling orders sometime after that. They've always been scheduled to get more books on that date---since we ordered the second printing in January. 

I talked to my publisher and they've experienced this in the past with other titles. All we can gather is that it's automatic and purely computer-generated. After Amazon is unable to fulfill a book order for an extended period of time, it cancels orders all together.

You can still find some lingering copies in B&N stores, or order it on is saying the title will be available May 10th.

I'm happy to talk directly to anyone that is upset or frustrated and find a way to get you a copy as soon as possible--please email me lindsay[at]happyherbivore[dot]com.

You can also order books directly from my publisher here.The price is competitive and you'll probably get it faster from them than from bn or Amazon.

Again,I'm so very sorry about this! I was elated when the book did so well and sold out, but I've been bummed and panicking ever since. I want you to have the book, and soon you will. :-P

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