Pittsburgh Book Signing

After two awesome signings in DC and NYC, Pittsburgh had a lot to live up to --- and it did!

Unlike the previous book signings, I wasn't meeting a bunch of Herbies at a cool eatery. Instead, I was signing and demonstrating at Right By Nature.

Right By Nature is a lot like a Whole Foods Market except it's independent, locally owned and operated, and they focus on organic, local ingredients. I was totally into this store & the staff was unbelievably helpful, generous and kind.

Anyway, I made the "Instant Cookie Dough" from the cookbook and it was definitely a hit because the 100 samples we made flew off the table quickly and many shoppers came back asking for the recipe :-) 

I also had the chance to meet a lot of amazing Herbies and sign books. 

The mini-mini book tour was simply amazing. I met so many incredible, wonderful people that I quickly realized how very lucky I am to have all these wonderful fans, friends and supporters in my life. I hope to meet you all someday soon.

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You can also read my assistant (the talented Andrea)'s take on the entire tour and get a glimpse of some of the yummy vegan food we ate here.