DC Book Signing

Last week DC was having it's annual meat-free week and I was honored to have my book signing included in the week's events.

The lovely and beautiful Amber of DC Vegan set up the signing at Cafe Green, which is one of DC's newest vegan eateries by the same folks who own Java Green.

The Herbies quickly took over the top half of the restaurant and much like the NYC book signing, everyone hit it off, made new friends and before long is was more like a vegan party than a book signing.

The only time the laughter and chatter stopped was when the food came ;-)

The food, by the way, was outstanding.

Since it was cold out I went for the chili (which was also highly recommended to me by a DC Herbie) and I also ordered a side of cornbread since I'm not one to ever pass that up. Both were a little spicy, but divine.

Check out this book:

It's Jared (pictured below). I must have been starring at his book for several minutes when I finally said "that's so cool! Can Andrea take a picture of your book?" I've now see a few books with sticky tabs like Jared's & I think its really cool and awesome. I'm totally flattered. I'm thrilled you guys are lovin' the book.

More pictures on Facebook.