Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

When you are a vegan or vegetarian, Thanksgiving is probably one of the issues you've been asked about... "So, like, you don't eat turkey... even on Thanksgiving?" "Why no, friend! I don't eat Turkeys any day!" 

Though, just because we're veg-heads doesn't mean we want to double up on the vegetable side dishes. We love good, stick-to-your-ribs food, too! We want something besides the leftover mashed potatoes (though, admittedly I do love me some mashed potatoes!)

So for this Top 10 Tuesday, I'm sharing a few recipes that kick the pants off leftover steamed carrots at, Thanksgiving. 

(This is also where I tell you I have some *amazing* Thanksgiving recipes in my cookbook—faux turkey, Thanksgiving gravy, two types of stuffing, cornbread...the works! But alas, the book is still on a boat from China.)

However, since we are embarking on the holiday season (and I'm in the mood to give as such), I'll be sharing my recipe for fat-free vegan pumpkin pie here on the blog tomorrow!

In the meantime:

Top 10 Tuesday: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

I always like to start Thanksgiving with a seasonal soup, such as Acorn Squash & Apple SoupCelery Root Soup or Curried Sweet Potato Soup. (I like to serve African Kale & Yam Soup closer to Christmas/Kwanzaa, but it will complement your Thanksgiving menu as well).

For the main event, I like to serve a variety of foods, but in years past I've also served just one large dish with a side or two. For example, my extended family is Italian and, as such, we always ate lasagna on Thanksgiving rather than turkey or ham. So, if I'm in the mood to honor my familial traditions, I'll make vegetable lasagna or lasagna rolls. And if I'm honoring Scott's Southern traditions, I make pot pie, but with seasonal veggies.

Still, perhaps my favorite menu is mock meatloaf (or try: hippie loaf), mashed potatoes (this year: cauliflower mashed potatoes), brown gravy, cranberry sauce, maple-cornbread biscuits and maple-glazed vegetables

Then I end the meal with my fat-free pumpkin pie (recipe tomorrow!) or pumpkin-raisin oatmeal cookies for the kids.

If you are going to a Thanksgiving meal, my skillet green bean casserole is a vegan version of the traditional green bean casserole and can serve as a hearty meal if you have no other options. Sweet potato biscuits are also a great crowd-pleaser!