Global Happy Herbivore Meetups

Maybe you've noticed the little map to the right of the page?!

I've started a Global Happy Herbivore Meetup and there are already 30 meetups scheduled in 3 different countries! How cool is that?!

Meetup Everywhere is a great way for all of us to connect with other fans, supporters and friends of Happy Herbivore and the low fat healthy lifestyle! Join a meetup in your area or start one!

I'm also hosting the NYC HH Meetup in my apartment and (*fingers crossed*) I'll be able to setup video conferencing to "meet" with meetups in other areas! I am also planning to stream the whole thing live on HH's Ustream channel.

& I'm so sorry for the lack of recipes lately! I'm in the home stretch for my cookbook (squee!) so things have been a bit crazy! BUT here is a little impromtu video of me sampling a zucchini blossom in my garden. Can you believe just 2 months ago I planted tiny seeds and now I have this jungle? Plants are amazing.

Don't forget !

Be sure to book your room on the Happy Herbivore Cruise by June 21st to secure our low group rates!

The Happy Herbivore e-cookbooks are being discontinued at the end of this month! Get your copy before they're gone forever! Most of the e-cookbook recipes are not in the upcoming cookbook!