HHTV: Happy Herbivore TV

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is quickly coming to a close. I'm busy editing, finishing up the last couple of recipes and taking photos (which is hard!) -- my poor blog and website have been completely neglected but I'll make it up to you soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I have started another exciting adventure -- my very own cooking show! I lovingly call it HHTV ("Happy Herbivore TV") but the technical name is Happy Herbivore Live. Every day at lunchtime (12:30 EST) I invite my webcam into my kitchen, cook up one of my recipes and chat with my audience. My broadcasts are unscripted and completely unrehersed which can sure make things interesting!

If you can't tune in when I'm LIVE, no worries -- you can watch the show again later at your leisure. Please feel free to send in any questions you want answered or request any recipes you'd like to be demonstrated on the show! happyherbivore at gmail dot come or hit me up via twitter! @happyherbivore!

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