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Are Superfoods a Scam? (Don't Get Caught in the Buzzword Trap: Part 2)

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Hi Herbies! Before we get to today's post, I just wanted to thank you so much for your nominations as one of Skinny Scoop's Top 25 Vegan Blogs of 2013 :) There are still a couple of days left to vote (until Thursday, August 15, 2013) — so if you have a few seconds to spare, just follow the link and click "like" on Happy ...

Healthy! Organic! Natural! Vegan! Gluten-Free! Light! Don't Get Caught in the Buzzword Trap and How to Read Labels

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One of the best lectures I ever attended was by Jeff Novick, MS, RD about deciphering food labels. Jeff kept emphasizing to read the nutritional label and never trust or believe what's written on the front of the box

Although this had been my practice for ages (I always had to scan labels to make sure something was vegan) it never occurred to me ...

Herbie Fitness (Part 3): Spot Training — How to Get Rid of the "Muffin Top," Belly, Booty, etc.

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Herbie Fitness week continues! You didn't miss Part 1 and Part 2, did you? We have talked about plant-proud nutrition for active Herbies, tips for weight loss and marathon training, muscle building, and inspiration from plant-based body-builders and athletes. Today we're tackling another question I get asked often — how to get rid of those "problem" areas.

A few days ago I received this ...

Herbie Fitness (Part 2): Flex Your Plant-Proud Muscles! Inspiration from Body-Builders and Athletes

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This week, we are focusing on Herbie athletes — everyone from weekend warriors to the pros. In Part 1, we discussed nutrition, weight loss, and race preparation. Today, be inspired by plant-proud (vegan) super athletes and get some tips from a vegan model and fitness star.

I am never sore after a workout — no matter how hard. One of my closest friends is a trainer, and ...

Herbie Fitness (Part 1): Plant-Proud Nutrition for Workouts (+Tips for Marathon Training!)

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Welcome to Herbie Fitness Week! This is the first post in a three-part series with my tips for active Herbies (or to help jump-start your quest to be more active!). Whether you're an occasional runner, a yogi, a weight-lifter or a competitive triathlete, it is absolutely possible to be an athlete on a plant-based diet and it'll help you perform better! Be sure ...