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Back to School Herbies (Part 3): How to Prepare Lunches for the Week + Bento Box & Lunch Box Examples

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Quick Announcement: VegNews Magazine nominated Happy Herbivore for "best blog" and you can write me in (Lindsay Nixon) as your favorite cookbook author if you feel I'm so deserving. Vote for Happy Herbivore here (Voting also puts your name in the hat to win lots of awesome prizes like a free vegan vacation!) -- tomorrow is the last day to vote, so please take a ...

Back to School Herbies (Part 2): Sandwich Ideas (Make Exciting School and Work Lunches!)

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We've declared this Back to School Week here on the blog, and turns out, August is also National Sandwich Month! (Coincidence? I think not!) So today, we're talking about taking sandwiches from ordinary to extraordinary (I love PB&J, but not every day — let's get some variety up in here!). 

Historically, it's said that the 4th Earl of Sandwich is to ...

Back to School Herbies (Part 1): Snacks On the Go

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It's Back to School time, Herbies! Whether your kiddos are back to school already or head back soon, we'll be serving up some great ideas this week to make the transition a little more fun — and a lot more delicious! First up, snack ideas! Last week, I asked the Herbies on Facebook to share some of their favorite on-the-go snacks. As usual, lots ...

HH Cooking for One (When Cereal Isn't Enough for Your Inner Foodie)

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The only Herbie in your house? Live alone? Roommate/partner not on board with your plant-based lifestyle? No problemo!

Here are some of my cooking for one tips! (Because of bowl of cereal gets old as dinner!)

Meal Planning

First and foremost, you know I have to plug our individual meal plan, which is tailor-made for an individual (double if you're a couple!). No ...

Applaud Progress (It's Not All or Nothing)

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Back when I was looking at potential colleges, and getting frustrated by all the pros and cons of each, my Dad kept saying to me, "There is no utopia Lindsay. No school is going to have everything you want, exactly the way you want it. You have to find a school that has most of the things you're looking for and make the best ...