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The Top Blog Posts of 2012

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With the help of Google Analytics, I was able to figure out which of my blog posts had the most hits, likes, shares, etc. In case you missed them (or you need a second helping!), here are the most popular blog posts on for 2012 (and all time!) 

This Year:

1. So, What Is A Plant-Based Diet?

2. What Is Vital Wheat Gluten ...

I'm (Still) Not a 'Vegan' Anymore

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[Editorial Note: This post was originally scheduled to publish on October 9th, which would have commemorated the 1-year anniversary, but had to be pushed back to accommodate another article that was time-sensitive.] 

Exactly one year ago, I wrote a post titled "I'm not 'vegan' anymore." At the time I wrote it, I was frustrated and venting. I had no idea it would garner so ...

At-Home Immersion

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Can't find the time or money to go to a conference or immersion? Have your own at home!

"The Science of Plant-Based Diets" by Dr. Campbell:

Dr. Essy talks about heart disease and how it's 100% caused by animal products (and how you can prevent and reverse it with plants):

Dr. McDougall on the perils of dairy (skip to minute 7):

Resolving the ...

10 Reasons I'm a Plant-Based (Vegan)

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Any time I'm speaking -- whether it's at a conference or I'm on a podcast/radio show -- someone invariably asks me what made me go vegan or what motivated me to follow a plant-based diet.

The truth is what motivated me to adopt a vegan/plant-based diet isn't nearly as compelling as why I've maintained a vegan/plant-based diet for almost ...

How to Keep Yourself from Becoming a "Vegan Snob"

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The other day I received an email from Jenny* who wrote:

"I'm curious how do you keep yourself from becoming a 'vegan-snob'? I find myself getting more and more grossed out by people consuming animal products. I cringe in my mind, but don't say anything. Have you ever felt that way?"

Yes. A thousand times yes. I'm not ashamed to admit it ...