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10,000 Herbies!

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Thanks to everyone who participated! This giveaway is now closed.

In honor of reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook (I can't believe it! Wow!) I'm hosting a little giveaway here on the blog.

I'm giving away two prize packs... the winners will receive a signed copy of my cookbook, a happy herbivore charitable necklace and a 1-hour virtual cooking lesson with yours ...

More Necklaces! (Sold Out)

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We sold out! Thanks! 

If you still want a necklace, please email and I'll send you an email if we start taking more orders.


After dozens of emails poured in asking me to make more necklaces; I've decided to undertake the project one more time!

Supplies are limited but I'll be taking orders for Happy Herbivore's cute elephant necklace ...

The Old vs. The New (The Difference Between My Two Cookbooks)

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I keep getting a lot of questions about my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore; Questions like "are there are a lot of the same recipes?" and "what's the difference between the books?" 

So I figured I'd talk about my new book and tell you what you will (and won't) find in Everyday Happy Herbivore. 

First off, Everyday Happy Herbivore, is totally new ...

Necklace Update!

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The designer is finished making the Happy Herbivore necklaces! 

We will be shipping them in the next week or two. Make sure to check your email, I sent a survey via Kickstarter to collect mailing addresses.

Healthy Taste of LA, Nov 5 & 6

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Come join me at the Healthy Taste of LA on November 5 & 6. 

Saturday evening will be dinner with Dr. T. Colin Campbell. I'll be one of the chef's preparing the meal. Order Tickets Now

Sunday Nov 6th is an all day event featuring food and food preparation by the finest vegan restaurant chefs. Order Tickets Now

Healthy Taste of LA 2 Poster