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Bill Clinton Vegan? My Thoughts & "Is Vegan Healthy?"

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When I first heard President Clinton went vegan, I got really excited. I'm happy for him and his family---he looks great, much healthier. I was also excited for what this meant for veganism. 

My initial thought was, "veganism has officially hit the mainstream--it's finally "normal" -- a PRESIDENT is vegan! No one can ever cast us off into the "weird" corner again" but it ...

I am a Real Person A lot Like You

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For me, this video really sums up my earlier post on dealing with negativity. I think a lot of people sometimes forget that authors or bloggers are real people.

I’m guilty of this myself. My tree was shaken a few years ago when I left a poor review for a book and the author contacted me. I was shocked. It had never even occurred ...

Recipes are Just Suggestions?

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Recently I was at a vegan restaurant where I ordered a sandwich on the menu with some modifications. It went something like "hi! I'll have the veggie burger, but hold the onions and can I get the multi-grain bread and dijon dressing instead? thanks!"

After I ordered, my friend ordered his sandwich by name and followed it with "and I'll take it just ...

A picture of (un)health.

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I stumbled upon this picture yesterday & found it...shocking. I just had to share.

Image from Healthy Meal Experts.

Vegan Dogs (and homemade dog food!)

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Anytime someone meets my dogs (and they're aware I'm vegan) they ask if my dogs are vegan too. I would have thought the answer would be an obvious "yes" but most often, people seem surprised when I tell them, "yup, the whole family is veg!"

I get the question via email too, so I thought I'd put it out there that yes ...