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I've been plant-based longer than I've been a minimalist and when I decided to live a life of less, my plant-based diet wasn't so much as a passing thought. After all, what could my diet have to do with my choice to buy less stuff and de-clutter?

Though as time has gone on, I've realized just how interconnected these two lifestyle designs are. It isn't just that both have brought me happiness and a sort ...

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What we say after "I am" is very powerful. It's an affirmation.

If you say "I am now plant-based" — you will be. Or at least, it is more likely you will be than if you say or affirm nothing at all.

Why? We have a deep need inside each of us to be consistent.

There is more to it than that, though.

By making an affirmation (and the more public the better), our attitudes start to change. We start ...

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A few months ago, Scott started experiencing mild back pain during prolonged activity — running, snowboarding, etc. Not wanting to worsen the issue, he sought professional help to correct it. I too have been dealing with some postural issues and muscular imbalances (from all the years I ran around in high heels with a heavy purse or laptop slung on my shoulder), so when we moved to Tahoe, we both started working with a local fitness expert.

Neither of us knew ...

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I love hearing about your personal journeys toward minimalism, and
today I'm thrilled to share Jen's journey and hope you draw some
inspiration from her!

"A little background about me: I have been married for eight years and
my husband Mike and I just purchased a home recently. After three
apartments and too many moves, we started to lighten the load of stuff
that we had before and after marriage.

Time is always crunched for us. I work ...

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Recently, I complimented a stranger on an outfit she was wearing. It was as simple as "I just wanted to say how much I love your dress." The stranger practically broke into tears and said, "Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today." 

It made me think back to an experience I had about a year ago when I'd told a cashier to "Have a nice day," as I always try to ...

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