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Interview: Carol

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Today's inspirational interviewee comes to us from St. Louis. Carol aka @HelloMyAvocado describes herself as "vegan, nerdy, cute, easily amused and bursting with fruit flavor" which couldn't be a more perfect description of her. Carol's upbeat attitude comes from her devotion to a healthy lifestyle -- and how it saved her life.

HH: First, the million dollar question: How long have you been ...

Interview: HealthOC

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Today's inspirational interviewee is coming to us from sunny, California, only not so long ago Candice a.k.a. HealthOC was facing much darker days.

HH: Let's start with the million dollar question. How long have you been following a vegan diet and why did you go vegan?

I've been a vegan since August 2008. In October 2007 I was diagnosed with ...

Interview: Vegan Hope

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I'm starting a new column here on Happy Herbivore that features inspirational interviews from people who changed their life when they changed their diet. I'm also really excited to kick this column off with an interview of my friend Natala a.k.a. Vegan Hope. I hope Natala's story inspires you as much as it has me!

HH: Let's start with ...

Interview: Dr. Laura Gruen

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I interviewed Dr. Laura Gruen, an interventional cardiologist, in October 2009 shortly after she'd adopted a vegan diet. Many readers expressed an interest in following-up with Laura after she'd been a vegan for a few months. With February being Heart Health month, it seemed only fitting to follow-up with Laura now. So, without further a do...

HH: So Laura, you've been vegan ...

Interview: Laura Gruen, M.D.

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Normally I don't do too many interviews on Happy Herbivore, but since its the vegan Month of Food (MoFo) I thought I'd break the mold a little. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Laura Gruen, who happens to be the older sister to my best friend Jim, about her work as a cardiologist and her recent switch to a ...