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Inspiration Interview: Kate (part 2)

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Last time we talked to Kate about how she defeated her debilitating condition by diet alone (even when her doctors put no credence in the vegan diet as a cure!).  Now she's back to talk to us about vegan mommyhood, dating as a single vegan and making mixed-diet families work. 

HH: You are a mom to two adorable vegan boys. Tell us about them ...

Inspiration Interview: Kate (part 1)

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Today's inspirational interviewee, Kate, comes to us from Boston and shares with us how she defeated her debilitating condition with diet alone. In part 2 (next week) we'll also talk to Kate about vegan mommyhood, dating and making families with mixed diets work.

HH: First, the million dollar question. How long have you been vegan and what made you go vegan?

 Kate: I ...

Inspirational Interview: Courtney

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Today's inspirational interviewee is someone very special to me... she's my sister! But that's not why she's being interviewed. Courtney's story is one that will make you go hmm.... It's a reminder that we really are what we eat.


HH: Let's start with the millon dollar question: How long have you followed a vegan diet and what made ...

Inspirational Interview: Matt (part 2)

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Last week we talked to Matt about his decision to go vegan and his uphill battle along the way (Matt was allergic to veggies and fruits!). Today we'll touch on Matt's other uphill battle: going vegan as a dude... and how his life has improved since.

HH: Last week you told us one of the reasons you were skeptical about adopting a vegan ...

Inspiration Interview: Matt (part 1)

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Today's inspirational interviewee, Matt, is the wonderful husband to Natala, our first inspirational interviewee! Matt's major (and unbelievable!) uphill battle going vegan is one that will certainly inspire us all. Matt's interview is also going to be broken into a two part series. Today, we'll talk about Matt's health, his struggles and later victories while next week well talk with ...