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Meet Dana. As Dana's 50th Birthday approached (I know! She doesn't look it!), she decided to get into shape — and thought she had until her blood work came back. After a shocking discovery, Dana went plant-based and changed her life!

HH: What motivated you to make a change?
In January of 2011, as I approached my 50th birthday, I decided it was time to lose some weight and get in shape. So I started working out at the ...

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Meet Carolyn, our lovely Herbie of the Week!

HH: How did you hear about a plant-based diet? And what was the deciding factor, i.e. why did you make the change?

I'm going to give a bit of back story before I totally answer the question. About a year and a half ago, I was sitting in a Thai restaurant shoveling chicken pad Thai into my mouth. My mom was talking about a couple that had been diagnosed with ...

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I received this email from Andrea a few months ago and wanted to share it as part of our Herbies of the Week seriesIt's a little different than what we normally have on this column each week — not just that Andrea wrote me a letter (as opposed to me interviewing her) — but I loved her honest perspective about her personal journey. 

[Editorial note: Andrea has since married, hence her beautiful wedding "after" picture]

"Just wanted to ...
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I know Ruth through a mutual friend and former Herbie of the Week, Pam. Pam sent me this article about Ruth and her husband, Francis, that appeared in the local paper. (Pam and Ruth live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where I lived all last winter to snowboard while writing Happy Herbivore Abroad.

At the beginning of the summer, Ruth and Francis set a goal for themselves that intimidates even me: They decided they would complete their first triathalon — together — and ...

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Chris sent me the following email titled "How I became a 'Happy Herbivore' :)" The story of his journey is one that will inspire us all. In his previous life, Chris gorged himself on junk food and weighed 320 lbs. (with high blood pressure and high cholesterol tagging along). Today, Chris runs half marathons!

"This is my summarized tale of physical self-abuse.

I entered this world as a small child — My grandma still recalls how hard it was to find diapers ...

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