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Last week we met Angie, who lowered her cholesterol and lost 70lbs after going to a plant-based diet! Today we meet my friend Pam, who has lost 67 lbs and was able to raise her iron level and is no longer anemic!

HH: What brought you to a plant-based diet?

Two years ago, I was desperate to do something about my gradual weight gain. I tried to "watch what I ate" one final time, ending up losing a few pounds ...

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Last week we met Sara, who followed the advice of a friend and lost 96 lbs after going plant-based. This week we meet Angie, who not only lowered her cholesterol, but also lost 70 lbs after switching to a plant-based diet.

HH: How did you first learn about a plant-based (vegan) diet?

I didn’t necessarily start this journey to be healthier, but as I’ve gotten further into this way of eating it has become more important to me ...

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Last week we met Dale, who went off his medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and gout in 90 days! This week we meet Sara, who was skeptical, but after her best friend convinced her to try a plant-based diet, she lost 96 lbs and lowered her blood pressure.

HH: What was your health like before you adopted a plant-based (vegan) diet?

Before I became vegan I had high blood pressure, was overweight, had little to no energy and just ...

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Last week we met Candy who reversed her type 2 diabetes in a matter of months by following a plant-based diet. Today we meet Dale who, after attending McDougall's 8-day program was able to go off his medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, and lower his cholesterol. Dale pretty much changed his entire life... in 90 days! 

HH: You attended one of Dr. McDougall's 8-day programs. I'm actually demonstrating at the 3-day McDougall program this ...

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Hi Herbies! Last week we met Teresa, who after years of trying found a plant based diet she was happy with. This week we met Candy, who after being diagnosed with diabetes was able to control it through diet, and lose weight!

HH: How'd you find your way to a plant-based diet?

I began a journey back in March (2011) after being diagnosed with diabetes. My A1c test was a scary 8.5. 

HH: Do you know what caused ...

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