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Plant-Based (Vegan) Camping Trips: Tips from an Experienced Herbie Camper

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I'm always getting requests do a post about tent camping or RV camping, etc. Due to serious insect allergies in my family, camping isn't something we do too often (I mean, we like nature and all, but there comes a point where the hassle is just not worth it). We can avoid the buggies easily in the winter, so we get our outside ...

The Kitchen Shadow is Cooking His Way Through EHH! His Faves from the First 50 Recipes

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Last week, we shared the end of Jana and her family's adventures cooking through Happy Herbivore Abroad. She cooked every single recipe in the book and it brought the family together — they got excited about the "recipe of the day" and love plant-based cooking (and eating!). Today, we are sharing the beginning of a new challenge! Jana's 11-year-old son, Caleb (AKA Kitchen Shadow ...

A Recipe a Day from HHA: Jana's Final Thoughts on Her Family's Cooking Challenge + Fave Recipe Round-Up

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Well, she did it — Jana cooked every recipe in Happy Herbivore Abroad! Jana shared her family's journey with us along the way at Day 50 and Day 100 of their HHA challenge. Today, she's back with a new set of favorite recipes and her fantastic final thoughts.

"I have completed the entire recipe list of the book. I didn't do this project ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Be a Minimalist Family with Kids! (Guest Post by Jacqueline)

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This first Minimalist Monday of May, we have a special guest post from Jacqueline — Herbie mom of HOW Kids Talia and Jacob and fellow minimalist! Jacqueline serves up minimalist tips on her own blog, Barefoot Essence, and she put together some highlights from her family's inspiring minimalist experience for us. 

Less Space = Less Stuff = More Life 

I always thought I kept a pretty simple ...

100 Days of HHA: Jana's Challenge Continues

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Remember Jana? Jana is cooking her way through Happy Herbivore Abroad — a new recipe every day! She last checked in with us at Day 50 and now Jana has reached Day 100! 

I'm thrilled to have Jana back on the blog talking about her challenge, the last 50 days of cooking (and eating!) and everything in between. Be inspired!

"When last I wrote, we ...