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Guest Blogger: Michele B.

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Chickpea tacos are one of the most popular recipes on and one of my favorite healthy snacks (the chickpeas are great for nibbling!) Needless to say, I was thrilled when Michele (a.k.a a vegetarian who hates tofu) asked to guest post about them, showing how she made small changes to make the recipe "her own." That's what I love about ...

Guest Blogger: Meg B.

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You might know this week's guest blogger as @MegVgn or The Snarky Chickpea. Either way, Meg is one serious foodie whose been busy cooking her way through the Happy Herbivore Cookbook (often using ingredients fresh from her garden!) Meg is also giving away a copy of my cookbook on her blog!

Here are Meg's pictures of the dishes she made along with her ...

Guest Blogger: Christy V.

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As I mentioned last week, I want to bring your voices to this blog. I'm delighted to welcome Christy, our first guest blogger here on Happy Herbivore! Christy did what I love most about cooking -- taking a recipe and "making it your own." See how Christy made my low fat chocolate chip cookies sugar-free! 

Christy: I took the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies in ...